Great Lakes Regional University

Kanungu is a two-hour drive from the nearest tarmac road, so access to education after school level is very difficult.

We have been supporting the Great Lakes Regional College for some years, progressively upgrading the quality of the staff, education, buildings and facilities. In 2015 it was granted interim University status and is now in process of obtaining its full charter.

The University gives young people a route to higher education after they leave school, training them for agri-business, enterprise creation, government or as science teachers. It currently caters for around 400 students.

The level of education that the University can offer is vital both to the future employment of its students and to the success of farms, enterprises, schools and local administration.

Student revising at University

Student revising outside the SEED building

News from the University

Graduation 2018



482 students graduated with diplomas and certificates in March and August this year.

This is an amazing achievement for each of them. As well as changing their lives as individuals, together they will make a real contribution to developing this remote community.

We look forward to reporting some inspirational stories from our graduates in a few years.


August 2018

BSc Curriculum Approved

Great Lakes Regional University IT Room

Great Lakes Regional University IT Room

The University has successfully submitted its curriculum for the BSc programme in Education & Entrepreneurship and this has been approved by The Uganda National Council for Higher Education (NCHE).

It has also passed its government inspection - a vital and challenging hurdle for a small institution which at least two other Universities did not achieve.

The University plans to enrol 40 new students into Business and Social Sciences in Feb 2018 and 40 into its Science Teaching degree programme in Aug 2018. This offers an innovative approach to science education and will train science teachers who are much needed in the region.


December 2017

Management Team

University management team

University management team

The University has built up a strong management team who will lead the institution to attain its charter.

They are in process of getting the core courses accredited and recruiting the additional 250 students required for a successful critical mass.

The photograph (left to right) shows:

  • Academic Registrar: Mr Rupehar
  • The Vice Chancellor: Professor Erapu
  • Science Lecturer: Pius Ariho
  • The Deputy Vice Chancellor: David Kabazer
  • The Chancellor: Rev Dr Hamlet Mbabazi

July 2017

Opening Ceremony

President Museveni opening Great Lakes Regional University

President Museveni opening Great Lakes Regional University

The President of the Republic of Uganda, Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, officially opened Great Lakes Regional University on 6th January 2016.

This was a fantastic achievement for an institution which was founded as a community college in 2004.

The visit by the man who has been president of Uganda for 30 years illustrates how important the University is to the people of Kanungu.


January 2016

SEED Institute

Students at the SEED Institute

Students at the SEED Institute

The new Science Education to Enhance Development (SEED) Institute buildings are now complete and the laboratories are being equipped.

This faculty focuses on training secondary school science teachers who are much needed in the region.

The Institute provides practical facilities for the main science subjects:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Information Technology
  • Maths


The University library

The University library

The University teaches in six faculties, all focused on employment needs in the region:

  • Education, including training secondary school science teachers
  • Agricultural science
  • Social Science leading to work in Local Government
  • Information Technology
  • Business & entrepreneurship (e.g. tourism)
  • Carpentry & metalwork


The carpentry workshop

The carpentry workshop

In addition to its academic subjects, the University teaches practical subjects in its well-equipped metalwork and carpentry workshops.

The workshops are also used to make equipment for use in the University and for sale to generate revenue.

Major Donors

A big thank you!

All this has been made possible by hard work and by the generosity of some very special people.

What a remarkable achievement to build the Science Education to Empower Development (SEED) Institute and to transform a regional college into a University.

Thank you to everybody who has contributed, including substantial donors who are not named here (but they know who they are):

  • The Uganda Development Initiative
  • The Matthew Good Foundation
  • Individual donors

Current needs

The University must meet national requirements to achieve its permanent Charter. They include;

  • Re-accreditation of all courses
  • Equipment and a suitable water supply for the science labs
  • A ratio of at least one computer to 20 students
  • An IT library as well as an IT learning suite
  • Additional lecture theatres
  • Sporting facilities

How can I help?

We need links to overseas universities and we need funds.

Links: Because of its remote location, the University has a particular need to partner with outside institutions. This could include visiting lecturers and joint research projects carried out in Uganda.

Donors: The financial needs are beyond our usual model of sponsoring individual students; we need donors who can commit substantial funds to help transform an institution and a community.

If you may be able to help with either of these needs, please do get in touch.

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