Nyakabungo Parents’ Primary School

Perhaps because of its even more remote location, poverty around Nyakabungo is amongst the most severe of our schools. Many children walk long distances to school with no shoes and no breakfast. When Kirima started supporting them, there were just a few basic classrooms with no window glass. The teachers often worked without pay.

Thanks to the generosity of sponsors and donors, the school is now in a much improved state. Classrooms have been renovated and glass windows installed; the teachers are paid and a new sports field has been constructed. The children are better looked after and have a brighter future to look forward to.

Sponsorship income and donations helps to fund £2,000 per month which goes towards teachers’ salaries, children's lunches and basic running costs. Only 56 children out of 300 children have sponsors so it is a struggle to pay the bills each month.

Do please encourage your friends and family to join the sponsors. All your money goes to Uganda without admin or marketing costs so every month you donate really does make such a difference to the lives of these needy children.

A big hello from the youngest children in Nyakabungo

A big hello from the youngest children in Nyakabungo

I would like the Ugandan government to invest more in education. Benjamin, a teacher at Nyakabungo who himself attended Nyakabungo, Kirima and Great Lakes High School before completing his certificate of education.

News from Nyakabungo

Kirima Trustees visited Nyakabungo in 2018 to see the progress that has been made. There are a dramatic changes over the last 24 months, with plans underway for further improvements. Here is the latest news:

Hall Construction Underway

New School Hall Construction

New School Hall Construction

Construction of the new hall is already underway; machinery is on site to excavate the foundations.

This is a substantial operation, partly because the site is on a significant slope and a protective wall is required to shield the building from heavy rains.

The timing of the project is perfect… as each team of builders complete their speciality on the Kirima Primary School Hall construction, they will move onto the Nyakabungo site.

Update: the new photo from Frbaruary 2019 shows how quickly the foundations have been prepared and first layer of bricks laid. If only we could build this quickly in the UK!


January 2019

Multi-purpose Hall

New School Hall for Nyakabungo

New School Hall for Nyakabungo

A generous donor has enabled us to build a new multi-purpose school hall at Nyakabungo.

This is a vital stage in the transformation of the school from a basic classroom block into a fully resourced institution.

The hall will have many uses including assemblies, eating lunch, teaching nursery children and sitting exams. The climate in South-western Uganda is mild but it does rain a lot and these activities often cannot take place outdoors!

Kirima Trustees look forward to visiting the school in August to see the children using the new facility. It will make such a difference to the school.


January 2019


Thank you to CURED sponsors who have given generously over many years.

Thank you Hartford Schools Harambee who sponsor many children at Nyakabungo.

Welcome to Cuddington Primary School in Cheshire and thank you for your support of Nyakabungo School in Uganda.

It is difficult to think of better ways you could spend £15 per month and make such a big difference to children's lives.


Updated January 2019

New Toilets

Nyakabungo toilets

Toilets and ecosan unit

In September's very heavy rains, a landslide destroyed the old toilet block.

Thank you for the generous donation which has enabled us to complete the new toilet block so quickly and keep the school open.


October 2018

Primary 7 Exams

The children sit national exams when they complete their primary education.

Nyakabungo children achieved remarkable results at the end of 2017: 6 got 1st grade and 16 got 2nd grade.

By comparison, of the 400 children in 10 government schools in Kanungu, only one achieved 1st grade. Nyakabungo is located in a very poor area and the children we look after are deprived even by local standards; the education they now receive gives them a start in life which was unimaginable a few years ago.

Well done Nyakabungo!


March 2018

New Sports Pitch

Nyakabungo sports pitch

Goalposts and grass surface on new pitch

A donor generously funded a sports pitch, which will be much used and appreciated by the children. The rocks made this job more difficult than expected but this has now been sorted with bigger machinery.

The new photo above shows the grass surface getting established on the new pitch.


December 2017

Staff and Pupils

Hamlet with two boys at Nyakabungo

Hamlet with two children at Nyakabungo

Darlington, the new headteacher, is settling in well with staff and pupils.

There are 312 girls and boys; all day pupils.

Last year, 100% of leavers went on to secondary school - an outstanding achievement in Uganda.

The children are clearly very happy and engaged with school activities.

New Windows

Nyakabungo windows being installed

Windows being installed at Nyakabungo Primary

The classrooms at Nyakabungo were pretty basic even by Uganda standards. They have been improved, including installing glass windows to keep the rain out.

School Agriculture

Growing coffee at Nyakabungo

Growing coffee at Nyakabungo

The lunch meal provided is a very important part of ensuring children do not get malnutrition, as there will not always be enough food for them at home. They raise chickens and grow coffee & bananas on site to make some money for the school and teach children agriculture skills.

Sponsors and Donors

A big thank you!

All this has been made possible by the generosity of the many sponsors, who pay for the monthly running costs, and donors, who pay for the individual small and large projects which are making such a difference to meet the vital needs of this school.

Thank you to everybody who has contributed, including:

  • Hartford Schools and Church
  • Felsted School, Essex
  • CURED Charity
  • Individual sponsors and donors
  • And many individual sponsors & donors

Current needs

The need at Nyakabungo is simple - we have only 56 sponsored children out of 300 so it is a real struggle each month to find the funds for staff wages, children's lunches and running costs.

We need more sponsors!

How can I help?

Our main funding comes from sponsors who pay £15 each month per pupil. The families also make a contribution but it is more limited in this area.

For just £15 per month, you can ensure a child gains an education.

We will send you regular newsletters and, once a year, a letter from your sponsored child with their photo…so you can see what a difference you are making.

Your sponsorship goes directly to the schools, none of it is spent on UK marketing or admin.

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