Kinkizi Stewards College

We were delighted to open a new college in February 2024 to complete our education programme from nursery, primary and secondary schools all the way to equipping the young people of Kanungu for advanced employment.

The first three Certificate and Diploma Courses are Business Administration, Tourism & Hotel Management and Accounting & Finance. The demand for an Agriculture course is gaining momentum.

All these subjects are important locally and will lead to good employment opportunities for the graduates, as well as making a real contribution to the fledgling economy in the region.

The site is perfect for its new use, with classrooms, an assembly hall, administration blocks already in place. There is plenty of green space which makes this a lovely learning environment. Of course, it did require some renovation which was mostly completed ready for its opening date. We still need donors to help with maintenance, equipment and technology. Funds to provide an internet connection would be most welcome.

Some of the college buildings and grounds

Some of the college buildings and grounds

News from Kinkizi College

During three separate trustee visits in 2023 the need for the college, support from the community and suitability of the site was verified. In the most recent visit, Julia and Martin helped a working party renovate the site.

First laptops for IT lab

New laptops

New laptops

The first batch of laptops have arrived to start the new computer lab for the college.

As more students enrol, we will need a lot more laptops and an Internet connection to enable the high-quality education we need to provide.

We need donors to help with this. Could you pay for one or more laptops at £250 each?

Matched funding is available so, for every laptop you fund, the college will get two! If you might be able to help, please email Mark at admin.


February 2024

Site renovation

Clearing the site

Clearing the site

There is plenty of enthusiasm from the community for the establishing the new college. A volunteer working party completed a tremendous amount of practical progress and visible improvements were made both within the buildings themselves and across the campus as a whole. Various tools and equipment magically appeared when needed.

Of equal, if not greater, significance was the sense of collective commitment, joint enterprise and collaborative support that developed throughout the time which, provided it is sustained and nurtured, augurs well for the future development of the college and the ethos behind it.

One boda boda driver (motorcycle taxi) was overheard saying “This must be serious, even the Muzungus (white people) are working!”


November 2023


Another 7 students graduate

Another 7 students graduate

Our work at the college follows on from our long-term involvement at Great Lakes Regional University where another batch of students have graduated.


November 2023

Sponsors and Donors

A big thank you!

The college is new and the list of donors is very short so far. We need more help!

  • One individual donor

Current needs

If you are able to make a donation, we will use it to meet some of the most urgent needs, including:

  • Internet: we need a donor who could fund some computer equipment and/or make regular payments for an internet connection
  • Library books: could you make a donation to pay for some library books?

How can I help?

We don't yet have a sponsorship program for the college and rely on a small number of individual donors. If you or your organisation could help, please do get in touch:

Contact us