Kirima Parents’ Primary School

Kirima Primary is a happy, successful school which provides a high-quality education to children in this deprived area of rural Uganda.

The headmaster Denis and his team manage just the right balance between caring for the children, giving them a stimulating & fun time and teaching what they need for excellent exam results.

Many children who cannot get a place in Kirima attend a Government school. They can be depressing places to visit because they lack both sufficient funding and the quality of staff. Salaries are low so teachers often take a second job, meaning children can sit for hours in a classroom with no teacher – this experience just teaches patience and passivity.

Other children do not attend school at all. Government schools are theoretically free but, in practice, families must make a financial contribution. If the benefit of the school is not good enough, families keep children to work at home. Driving round, you see primary aged children looking after goats, carrying loads or helping in roadside brick-making factories.

So, it is a pleasure to visit Kirima and be delighted by the sight of happy, smiling children.

Kirima Primary children

The wonderful children from Kirima Primary

About 80% of pupils have dropped out of UPE [government primary schools] in Kanungu district over the last 10 years. Auditor General John Muwanga
Only 2,372 from a cohort of 10,414 pupils completed primary education

News from Kirima

Karen’s trustee visit in July 2017 found the school in a good state with all projects up to date.

Here is the latest news:

St Michael's Music Marathon

The organ at St Michael's

The organ at St Michael's

Thank you to St Michael's Church, Highgate who raised funds for projects. This includes a new girls' dormitory to stop the overcrowding they are currently suffering.

  • £800 from a fantastic 12 hours non-stop music marathon
  • £800 from the Easter collection
  • £8,500 from a very generous individual donation

April 2018

End of Term Report

It has been the busiest term in our very successful academic year. The school has 11 teachers (5 female and 6 male) teaching 569 children from Nursery to Primary 7.

The health of the pupils has greatly improved and we haven’t had many problems of sickness. The few cases that are detected are usually handled by the school Nurse.

Kirima children achieve well in their national exams at the end of P7:

Level 164%10%
Level 236%40%
3 & belownil50%

Our school buildings are still in a good state. We are happy with a newly constructed three-room boys’ dormitory which has helped us solve the congestion we had been facing. When the new tarmac road comes, an old dormitory must be demolished so we shall need to replace it.

I wish to extend my gratitude to the sponsors for the spirit of togetherness that has helped us to complete the year successfully. I wish you all a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year 2018.


Denis Kamugisha, Headteacher, Dec 2017

Pupils and Staff

Denis and family

The headteacher Denis with his family

Denis provides excellent leadership for the school, which he joined as a teacher 17 years ago. He also provides oversight for the three other CHIFCOD primary schools.

The school has 284 boys and 285 girls from nursery to primary 7. Half the older children are borders, either because of where they live or, as orphans, they lack an alternative.

Exam results are good, with nearly all the children achieving level 1 or 2 out of 7.

There are plenty of activities at the school (debating evening Friday, film night Saturday) with a small play area for the younger children and a large field for older ones.

Play Equipment

New play equipment at Kirima

New play equipment at Kirima

The play equipment, television and DVD player which were donated recently are all in place and much loved by the children.

The TV is great for entertaining and informing boarding children at weekends and is also used to display educational videos from laptops.

Computer Library

Kirima computer library

Kirima computer library

The new computer library, comprising 8 laptops with hundreds of books and hours of educational video, is now installed.

A group of year 5 and 6 children spent a week learning how to use the equipment - most of them had never used a keyboard or mouse before but by the end of the week they were confident and competent; they completed 50% of the “O” level word processing syllabus. Many of the teachers were also new to computing and they have engaged enthusiastically.

The Hills

Walking in the hills near Kirima Primary

Walking in the hills near Kirima Primary

During our recent visit, we took a group of children for a walk in the hills above Kirima Primary. Although it is only a mile from the school (and many of their homes) none of the children had ever been there before.

The hills around Kanungu are beautiful. Think of a cross between the Lake District and Switzerland with coffee, tea and bananas growing instead of our familiar crops. No wonder Uganda is called “The Pearl of Africa”.

I take my shoes off to play football because my parents cannot afford to replace them if they wear out. Kirima children when asked why they play football barefooted.

Sponsors and Donors

A big thank you!

All this has been made possible by the generosity of the many sponsors, who pay for the monthly running costs, and donors, who pay for the individual small and large projects which bit by bit create a great school.

Thank you to everybody who has contributed, including:

  • St Michael’s School, Highgate
  • St Michael’s Church, Highgate
  • Holy Cross Church, Bearsted
  • Emmanuel Church, Guildford
  • Carr Lane Primary School, Hull
  • St Thomas’s Church, Oakwood
  • And many individual sponsors & donors

Current needs

The school is in a good state; its needs include:

  • Repairs to the school truck
  • Football posts for the field [has been funded by St Michael’s Church donor]
  • Mosquito nets

The Government has promised to build a tarmac road to Kanungu (currently it is two hours on a dirt road to reach the tarmac). This improved infrastructure will help the local community but the wider road will encroach onto the school, requiring some buildings to be demolished. Compensation will only partly pay for this, so major fundraising is planned as soon as construction starts.

We will need to finance replacement dormitories, two classrooms, a new school hall and to install fencing to protect the children from the road.

Donate now

How can I help?

Our main funding comes from sponsors who pay £15 each month per pupil.

The families also make a contribution. There is a “hardship fund” for some children, mostly orphans, who pay no fees.

For just £15 per month, you can ensure a child gains an education.

We will send you regular newsletters and, once a year, a letter from your sponsored child with their photo…so you can see what a difference you are making.

100% of your sponsorship & donations go to the schools, none of it is spent on UK marketing or admin.

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